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Elcotherm - large-scale company relocates and refurnishes 

ELCO is the leading Swiss service provider in the field of heat generation with gas and oil. Together with its sister companies throughout Europe, Elcotherm is among the top companies in the renewable energies sector. The company's various Swiss locations are now being amalgamated to form Elcotherm West, Central, and East. The head office and the seat of executive management is in Crissier. As part of this extensive project, Schoch Werkhaus has been awarded the construction management plus a consultancy contract, including relocation management, and furnishing for the integration project. The project involves the creation of a total of 60 new jobs, as well as the relocation of 30 existing jobs. The furnishing plan includes storage, sitting / standing desks, work tables, and swivel chairs. The completion dates are set for June and July 2010. 


R&M Reichle & De-Massari AG 

SR&M is a leading company in the area of copper and glass fibre systems for communication networks. Schoch Werkhaus has been commissioned to develop a new workplace concept for the company's head office in Wetzikon. A total of 140 complete workplaces with sitting/standing desks are being developed and installed. The project also involves the design concept and furnishing of various meeting rooms and of the new cafeteria, including outdoor furniture. The deadline for the order is June 2010. 


Suntech Power International Ltd., Schaffhausen

Suntec Power is a leading global manufacturer of solar modules with it's European headquarters in Schaffhausen. On behalf of thes environmentally committed an successful company, Schoch Werkhaus is managing the design, development concept, construction management, and parts of the interior design of the following rooms:

  • Meeting room for 12 personens
  • Meeting room for 30 personens
  • large cafeteria
  • Shower rooms for employees

The completion date is set as Juni 2010 


Vista Print - more room for a booming service

The company Vista Print operates on a global scale from several international locations and is the first point of call for more than 8 million customers a year. With its comprehensive service in the area of low-cost online and print solutions for SMEs, the company has found an extremely successful niche market. At its headquarters in Winterthur at Brunngasse 6, the offices and workrooms are going to be renovated and expanded. Schoch Werkhaus will set up a total of 43 new workstations as well as various meeting rooms and a cafeteria. The audiovisual experts at Schoch will also install a projection system in the cafeteria. Realisation: November 2010 


A new community hall for Männedorf 

Virtually no other Zurich municipality has seen population growth on a similar scale: the attractive lakeside community of Männedorf has seen a 21 percent increase in the number of inhabitants over the last ten years, with the figure now at 10,340. As part of this development, the local administration has awarded the contract for the reconstruction and the expansion of the community hall. Schoch Werkhaus has been entrusted with the task of finding suitable new furnishings. The hall will be equipped with 500 chairs and the gallery with 100 fixed chairs (Arper Catifa). Bar tables (Arper Dizzie) will be set up in the foyer.   Realisation: January 2011<//span> 


Burckhardt compression - connected to the world

Burckhardt Compression Holding AG in Winterthur is an international manufacturer of compressors. The group of compaanies employs around 770 people and is respresented in 42 countries. Schoch Werkhaus has been commissioned to expand and optimise the existing video conferencing space through an integrated solution with sepup system (IP and ISDN). Realisation: Semptember 2010 


Global audiovisual solutiojn for Sigpack Systems

Sigpack Systems, a subsidiary of the Bosch Group, is the leading supplier of product handling and packaging systems and is attracting a great deal of attention as a pioneer in robot technology Schoch Werkhaus is able to design and install a variety of audiovisual systems for the company's new headquarters in Beringen. Conference rooms and customer rooms, as well as an auditorium, the canteen and the reception area are being equipped with LCD flats screens, room and media controls, a microphone system, and a welcome and information system. Completion: end 2010 start 2011 


Art museum furnished artistically

The city of Winterthur has commissioned Schoch Werkhaus AG to furnish the public areas of the recently refurbished art museum. The cafeteria and the multi-purpose areas have been fitted with wicker seating, outdoor furniture and all-round chairs, as well as table lights. In addition, Schoch Werkhaus AG has designed and installed various student work-stations. The Kunstmuseum Winterthur at Museumstrasse 52 houses one of Switzerland's most famous collections of modern art. After a brief period of refurbishment of the historic part of the building, the museum and ist new restaurant will re-open at the end of October. Realisation: October 2010 


Space and construction management for Sybase 

Schoch Werkhaus AG was commissioned to carry out the complete interior design, including the installation of work-stations, meeting romms, and lounge areas, for the re-design and reconstruction of the Swiss headquarters of Sybase iin Zürich-Oerlikon. The colour concept for the interior design was perfectly matched to Sybase's corporate image. More than 40'000 companies - including the world's top 50 banks - rely on Sybase for data management and mobility software. The innovative sector leader employs over 4'000 people in 60 countries and owns as many as 148 patents for new data management solutions. Realisation: July / August 2010 


Public displays for residents' registration office

For the municipial authorities of Winterthur, Schoch Werkhaus has installed two large LCD screens. The information screens are located in the entrance area and in the counter area of the residents' registration office and ensure that visitors are provided with time-controlled visual information and guided in the various zones of the building. Schoch's audiovision experts have also equipped the facility with tailor-made software. Realisation: Summer 2010 


New Landi cooperative perfectly equipped

In Oberstammheim, a new regional sales centre is currently under construction including an Agrola filling station of the Landi cooperative association Stammertal. Schoch Werkhaus AG has been commissioned to carry out the interior furnishing. Five workstations, a cafeteria, and a meeting room for 12 people are being equipped with appropriate furnishings. Realisation: March 2011


Furnishing plan for the EKZ Weinland

The EKZ Weinland with its headquarters in Seuzach is installing additional workstations, a new reception area and a meeting room. Schoch Werkhaus will equip the 20 new take'off workstations, the meeting room and the visitor' reception area with an attractive furnishing concept and appropriate furniture. Realisation: January / February 2011 


Betty Bossi's "aldente" at new location

Schoch Werkhaus was commissioned by Betty Bossi to organise the relocation and to plan the integration of the "aldente" departement. The entire editorial team relocated from Zurich to the M20 area in Eglisau. The relocation process involed moving 15 workplaces, one meeting room and a lounge. The remit of the Werkhaus specialist team included on-site stocktaking, integration planning at the new location and smooth coordination and monitoring of the entire relocation process. Realisation: February 2011   


Audiovisual solutions for cantonal police

Schoch Werkhaus AG has been given the task of equipping a total of three locations of Zurich's cantonal pollice force with audiovisual installations including media control facilities. The contract includes both supply and installation, as well as programming of media controls, training and professional support. Realisation: February - April 2011   


Furnishing plan for the EKZ Weinland

The EKZ Weinland with its headquarters in Seuzach is installing additional workstations, a new reception area and a meeting room. Schoch Werkhaus will equip the 20 new take'off workstations, the meeting room and the visitor' reception area with an attractive furnishing concept and appropriate furniture. Realisation: January / February 2011   


An ecological curve and a new tourism office for Arosa

The new Arosa Sports and Conference Centre sits in majestic splendour 1800 metres above sea level. Opening at the beginning of December, it will also be the new home of Arosa Tourism. Schoch Werkhaus was in charge of the entire furnishing concept for the tourism centre. The most suitable furniture was selected for a total of 20 workstations, one meeting room and an artists’ cloakroom. The choices include electrically adjustable my’desk tables/bar tables from Ergodata, office and meeting chairs from Interstuhl, Belux floor lamps and a sofa from the Arper line.

In addition, Schoch Werkhaus has taken over the sponsorship of “Curve 359” – one of the 360 curves along the route from Chur to Arosa. The Werkhaus is supporting the very first ecological fund operated by a Swiss tourist destination. Sustainable projects and offers in the region are funded by the Arosa Ecological Fund.

Realisation of entire furnishing concept: November 2011


A new office block for Baur au lac Wine
In just a few days from now, the traditional family business Baur au lac Wine will take possession of its new headquarters in Regensdorf. Schoch Werkhaus AG was entrusted with the entire office planning project. This includes 25 new workstations, which are equipped with height-adjustable tables (for sitting or standing at) by Ergodata as well as storage cabinets by v-max. A Schoch Werkhaus meeting table and Thonet chairs were chosen for the conference room. Moreover, the training room and cafeteria were also stylishly furnished with a variety of chairs and tables. Realisation: May 2011


Stylish furniture concept for Bank Wegelin 

Bank Wegelin, with its headquarters in St Gallen, opened a new branch in Winterthur and commissioned Schoch Werkhaus to supply the interior furnishings. All four conference rooms were equipped with Vitra tables and meeting chairs by Charles & Ray Eames. Height-adjustable bar tables by Ergodata and chairs by Horgen-Glarus were chosen for the cafeteria. The customer zone was also fitted with suitable furniture. Realisation: April 2011

From shell construction to handover of keys: Thomas Graber, Director of Architecture at Büro Schoch Werkhaus, is responsible for the new office development of IT service provider UMB in Volketswil. We asked him about the challenges with regard to planning, gardens in the offices and the special qualification for his job.


Mr Graber, which are the greatest challenges with regard to the planning of this large-scale project?

Thomas Graber: The building has windows on two sides – but unfortunately not on the opposite side. We have located as many workstations as possible close to the bright window fronts. However, the infrastructure rooms, focus rooms and lounge areas are located in the rear part of the building. We have upgraded this side of the building as well: Trees are now located under the skylights. It is quite rare to be able to realise a proper garden in offices and it is really something quite special.


In what state did you find the building?

Thomas Graber: We started out almost with a shell – although it is not a new building but an existing one from the eighties. The previous tenants completely restored the building to the condition it was when they moved in.


Did you totally refurnish the offices?

Thomas Graber: We are designing the workstations with existing furniture retrieved from the previous location. We are supplementing this with for example customised ergodata tables for the meeting rooms and Vitra sofas for the lounge area. The cafeteria is also being newly furnished with furniture by Vitra.


How many Schoch employees are involved in the UMB project?

Thomas Graber: I am responsible for the planning and have one construction manager and one technical illustrator in my team. Our architecture department consists largely of interior designers with a university degree and further training in office planning like myself. We attend to the entire project, from organisational planning to interior design, including cost estimates and implementation plans. We employ additional specialist planners and experts for specialist fields such as technical building systems and interior garden design.


UMB offices in Volketswil 

·         1,400 square metres of office space

·         Offices for 90 employees

·         3 months planning, 4-month construction period

·         Building ready for occupation: Mid June 2013


Interview Krause, Klarkom

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